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eBioo  Neurofeedback Software

eBioo® Software

pronounced as: [ˌebi ˈjuː]

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eBioo ® is a Neurofeedback Software that was developed and published by the company holder of Soft-dynamics.de / .com

The software is used by professional Trainers and Home Users as well and offers 3 basic operating modes:

 Training, Simulation and Playback Mode

eBioo Neurofeedback Software is currently available in 3 Versions:

eBioo Tuner
eBioo Trainer
- 2 channels Version for Home Users and Test purposes
- 2 channels Full Version with Client Data Administration
- 4 channels full Version plus Assessment Processing
(available as Download)
(order on CD)
(order on CD)

The Software provides a set of training functions, such as ..

Amplitude, relative Amplitude, Coherence, Asymmetry, Peak Frequency, Phase Synchrony, .. and more ..

  • A function can be trained alone. Several functions can be combined to a training design and thus can be trained simultaneously.
  • Every training function (e.g. Amplitude and even Coherence ...) can be depicted as real time spectrum chart !
  • The thresholds are self-adjusting and depend on the selected reward ratio.
  • As reward signal can be used: WAVE or VIDEO files, CD, DVD or MIDI sounds.
  • Using MIDI sounds, multi sound feedback is possible, since every training function can have it's own MIDI sound.

That's what users say about the eBioo® software:
  • I have tried the eBioo software and was really surprised how easy it is to use.
  • eBioo is significantly easier to learn and use for many neurofeedback professionals, than a design-driven software.
  • The flexibility eBioo offers during training is outstanding.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

  • What are the main differences between the eBioo STARTER, Tuner and Trainer version ?
    Answer, see: eBioo Technical Data Sheet (Remarks)

If You have any questions concerning the eBioo Software and order processing, do not hesitate to Contact Us

You can download the eBioo STARTER Kit Software at the Download Page.

   to download the eBioo STARTER Kit Software now

eBioo  Introduction

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In particular, the Neurofeedback Software was created to have the following properties:
  • a client data management and a functionality to save the clients data and session results in client specific folders
  • an opportunity to modify training parameters 'on-the-fly' while training
  • real time monitoring of training relevant values to optimize the design while training
  • the most possible usability and a user guidance with ease
  • the opportunity to do assessments with sQEEG-Analysis

Professionals and home users can use the eBioo® software with ease. Experienced users will find additional special functions and properties in eBioo®, such as:

  • training on up to 4 channels
  • a multi language software (currently English and German)
  • a numerical session data report to trace session results over weeks, months or even years
  • training designs can be saved, reloaded and exchanged with other users
  • a quick and easy way to create training designs by a mouse click using standard training functions such as Amplitude or Coherence and more
  • to modify and optimize a design "on-the-fly" while training
  • easy use of tabbed screens and clients session folders
  • automatic filter and session thresholds adjustments
  • individual MIDI feedback sound for the session and for up to 16 filters and usability of freeware feedback files (WAVE, AVI, MPEG, WMV) and music CDs
  • Alpha-Theta Training, Alpha Synchrony and Alpha Peak Frequency Training
  • a real time trainer screen with an additional video feedback screen for the client
  • trend evaluation of training filter values
  • a spectrum chart with statistical evaluations
  • an extended set of sophisticated filter and display functions
    - e.g. coherence as real time spectrum chart
  • the opportunity to analyze and optimize your training strategy and results using the graphical chart of statistical evaluations

4 Channel Unit


Training Functions: The following standard training functions are available in eBioo:

Amplitude, Coherence, Power, relative Amplitude, Band Amplitude, Asymmetry, Peak Frequency, Phase Synchrony, relative Asymmetry, Phase Difference, and more ...

Training Designs can be configured using these standard training functions.

Although it is quite easy to configure a training design in eBioo using these standard training functions,
there are some Built-In training designs provided, such as:

- C3/C4 Beta/SMR - Training
- F3/F4 Delta/HiBeta inhibit
- Theta/Beta - Ratio inhibit
- Delta inhibit

- O1/O2 Alpha-Amplitude Training
- F3/F4 Alpha-Asymmetry inhibit
- Pz Alpha/Theta - Training
- Alpha-Synchrony Training

The user can define more individual training designs using ..
  • max. 16 Training Filters together with
  • 18 Training Functions, individually combined (Amplitude with Coherence e. g.)
  • Reward Ratio definition with Threshold Auto Scaling
  • with Range Auto Scaling (uV-Amplitude combined with %-Coherence e. g.)
  • and single Channel Selection

All these training designs can be modified before or while using them and stored for frequently later usage.
The training functions are available as display function in the spectrum screen as well.
Every training parameter can be modified by a mouse click 'on-the-fly' while training.

Several different standard training functions can be combined and used simultaneously in one training design ! (like in a Z-Score-Training mode), although different training functions have a different range or scope. The eBioo software is taking care of that. All standard training functions can be depicted as frequency spectrum ! (e.g. Coherence on a frequency axis in high resolution) Hot-Spots can be detected easily and taken as target training this way.

In many Neurofeedback software products that are available on the market, training concepts have to be designed on a design form or mathematical functions have to be entered into a "Wizard". The effort to figure out a concept, design and test a new client specific design exceeds often one working hour. Furthermore these designs are static and can hardly be changed during the training session.

To configure a comparable training design in eBioo requires often not more than 1 or 2 minutes of time.

To configure a training design, in eBioo simply the following has to be done: Selection of the data channels, selection of training functions and selection of the corresponding frequency ranges. Several different trainings functions and different frequency ranges can of cause be combined in the same training design and session and can be optimized during the ongoing training session. The high resolution spectrum screen gives helpful hints to optimize the parameters.

You can download the eBioo STARTER Kit Software at the Download Page.

   to download the eBioo STARTER Kit Software now

   See also: eBioo Data Sheet or eBioo User pdf_icon Manual

The eBioo Software is available as 2 and as 4 channel version. The reward ratio can be defined by the user and the reward threshold is self-adjusting. The program is available in English and German.
For a feedback evaluation, one single training function or even several different functions, such as relative amplitude and coherence can easily be configured and trained simultaneously even for different frequency ranges. Training designs can be saved, reloaded and exchanged with other users.
The spectrum of a selected training function is displayed in high resolution. That allows to fine tune the training strategy and parameters while training.

eBioo   Training- & Display Functions

To configure the training parameters
there are 2 rows of 8 Filters each
with independent frequency ranges
and independent training functions:

See complete Training Design
Panel in larger image

More, see also: Training Functions Training Designs

  Training functions are:

Amplitude Coherence Power
relative Amplitude Band Amplitude Channel Average Amplitude
Asymmetry Peak Frequency Phase Synchrony
relative Asymmetry Phase Difference and more ...

You can download the eBioo STARTER Kit Software at the Download Page.

   to download the eBioo STARTER Kit Software now

eBioo Main Form

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