The eBioo Neurofeedback Software can be downloaded as STARTER Version 1.85

eBioo 1.85  Neurofeedback-Software Target Group Language

eBioo is a Neurofeedback Software that is currently available in 3 Versions:

eBioo Tuner
eBioo Trainer
- 6 weeks trial version on 1 or 2 channels
- 2 channels Full Version
- 4 channels Full Version
(as Download)
(on CD)
(on CD)


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 Download the Neurofeedback STARTER Software Version now

Trial Software

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The eBioo STARTER Version 1.85 is available as download here.

Extensions of version 1.85:
- DVD-Player with VLC-Interface (for Win 10)
- Trend-Screen improved
- Assessment with more help-texts
- Reward-Ratio and Threshold-Evaluation with better resolution
- new Quick-Lookup Menu-Options for Report-, Screenshot- and Client-Data-Localisation

The improvements of version 1.85 are described more in details in the following document (in English, German, French an Spanish language)

New, Document: Quality-Update eBioo 1.85 PDF pdf_icon PDF-doc download here

New since February 2018: The Download of version 1.85 - 70 is available as setup routine, so that the program installation is done by the setup.

1) You can download the setup_eBioo_STARTER.exe routine now:

Download setup_eBioo_STARTER.exe as setup routine now

Download the setup_eBioo_STARTER.exe to your computer and execute the setup routine.

A Dialog of the setup routine will guide you, install the software and finally create a shortcut onto your computer desktop to start the eBioo Neurofeedback Software.

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Since February 2018: Alternatively the Download is available as zip-file with eBioo version 1.85 - 70

2) You can download eBioo_STARTER.zip Software Version 1.85 as ZIP file here:

Download eBioo STARTER Version 1.85 as zip-file now

Download eBioo_STARTER.zip and extract the zip file in a newly created directory and start eBioo_STARTER.exe .

Since May 2016 the eBioo STARTER Kit is available as Version 1.80 - 80 as Download.

Download the eBioo STARTER Kit Version 1.80 as ZIP-file: Download eBioo_STARTER_1_80.zip here

Download the eBioo STARTER Kit Version 1.80 BETA as setup now: Download setup_eBioo_STARTER_1_80.exe here

In case that you should observe an unexpected behavior or a malfunction of the eBioo Software, you are asked to communicate this to me by mail

Alternatively you can use the Contact form to ask for a quick solution or configuration.

Please note:

If You are using the STARTER version as unregistered version on 1 channel together with a Neurobit Neuroptima Device, please select:
"No of Channels: 1 channel" at "Options - Data Source - Panel: No of Channels".

Otherwise the Neuroptima Device might give an "Out of Range Error" (= red Light).

Although the eBioo software has been tested over hours and hours and over years, it cannot totally be avoided, that the software might work not as expected.
Error sources might be:
- A different time or date format you are using in your country, or
- A special character or character set of your language setting or a different decimal point separator or
- An unusual monitor size or scaling e. g. to 125% of your display, setup in the windows system service.
All that might in general cause strange layouts or unusual functions. These special circumstances mentioned above had been taken into account and tested, sometimes with the help of users in other countries.
But please, if you come across an error or malfunction or if you miss a certain functionality that you would like to have, please contact me so that we can analyze the reason of an error and we can look for a solution !

A big Thank You to all users that give distinct feedback, that with the help to improve the software !

 Version 1.75

Since August 2017 eBioo Version 1.83 is available

New functionalities are:

- DVD-Interface
- improved Interface to access the Brainmaster-Hardware
- various improvements in display and messages while connecting and activating hardware interfaces

Since December 2015 eBioo Version 1.75 - 00 is available

Since November 2015 eBioo Version 1.70 - 00 is available

Since July 2015 eBioo Version 1.65 is available:

New functionalities are:

- Display of both Elec.-Positions in the spectrum for Connectivity-Functions e.g.: Coherence, Asymmetry etc. ...
- independent Amplitudee-Scaling-Factors for Spektrum and Trend
- Simulation-Modus for Neurobit Devices improved i.e. re-activated

Since 2015 eBioo Version 1.60 is available:

New functionalities are:

- WAVE-files with more than 30 Sekunden duration as WAVEbext (Broadcast-Format) can be used
- Improvements in the trend chart
- Improvements of the Assessment (Trainer Version required)

Since 2014 eBioo Version 1.50 is available:

New functionalities are:

- Time- and Frequency uncertainty of filters in Hz und 0.X sec. user definable (instead of the filter order)
- improved design (skin) (using Windows 7 and higher)

- improved activation processing
- improved Alpha-/Theta-Configuration

- numerical session report
- more than 128 MIDI instruments selectable as feedback

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See larger Picture

Functionalities see:

Technical Data Sheet


Program Description

The STARTER Kit allows you to run the eBioo STARTER Software on a trial basis 3 month free of charge. The program is activated, so that you can immediately perform a Neurofeedback Training on channel 1 without the requirement to purchase a dongle or an additional activation code (passKey) to run.

If You want to use the eBioo STARTER software on 2 channels for the first 3 month on a trial basis and under real conditions you can contact me and get that PassKey (Activation Code) for the first 3 months free of charge. The PassKey can be sent to you by email.

To get the Activation Code:

and test the eBioo STARTER Kit Software version
on up to 2 channels and 3 months free of charge.

If you have any questions or propositions please feel free to contact me by mail, phone or using the Contact Form. I will answer your questions and help you getting started and to configure the eBioo software and appreciate any of your propositions to improve the software.

To get a fully functional version you can first order the eBioo STARTER version without cost. eBioo STARTER is a version with a restricted functional range but can be tested the first 3 months free of charge and without obligation. eBioo Tuner is a full version for a 2 channel training and eBioo Trainer is designed for a training with up to 4 channels. For all three version you can purchase an activation and registration for permanent user rights or even more cost efficient temporary activation for several months only.

or Read the Program Description

If you want to use the eBioo software after the trial period for more than 3 month (e.g. permanently) you can order an activation code by mail, phone or using the Order Form, so that you can get the appropriate Activation Code for full version of eBioo.

Installation Guidelines

1) Download eBioo_STARTER.zip (about 5.0 MB)
2) Extract the eBioo_STARTER.zip in a new created sub-directory. (e.g.: D:\eBioo or C:\Programs\eBioo )
3) There is a readme.txt file and a eBioo_Manual.PDF file that contains more installation and operating guidelines
4) Start the program eBioo_STARTER.exe (e.g. by a click onto the icon within the explorer)

Extracting eBioo_STARTER.zip the eBioo-Icon should be visible
in the appropriate explorer sub-directory:

Installing and starting eBioo this way, no entry is done into the windows registry . you can remove the program from you PC by simply deleting the eBioo program files and directories.

Brief Operating Guidelines

Neurofeedback - Frequency Window

Frequency Window


First Steps: (examine Screens)

The following menu options are proposed to be selected at first:

1) Select folder: EEG-Spectrum, Electrodes, Training and Feedback (at the screen bottom)
2) Select menu options: Options; (at the top of the screen) and the according sub menu options
3) Select folder: Trainer, Client, Session and Steering (an the right of the screen)

First Steps: (STARTER Version)

The program installation can be done as described for the Screenshot Version.

1) After program start, select "Options - Data Source" and "reset Hardware" to setup the data connection to your hardware - after you have installed the hardware drivers.

2) Demo Version and higher only: The program is minimally preconfigured. After program start you can at first select menu option: [F4] = "START Data Processing" or the [|>] START button (that with the filled Triangle). Two synthetic, amplitude modulated functions should appear.
To start a training, select "Data Source: Electrodes (Training)"

3) In folder "Feedback" - "AUDIO Feedback - all Rows" you can configure an acoustic feedback to be "active". At first there will pop up a warning message, saying, that no feedback files are available. Although the downloaded program does not provide feedback files in the demo version, there should be a standard windows feedback signal hearable. Running the simulation mode there should be always a feedback sound, whenever the panel named "Average Score" has a red/orange color.

4) Under folder "Training" the conditions for the feedback signal can be configured. The frequency borders of a filter can be modified using the buttons on the bottom. ( L = left frequency border; B = modify both frequency borders simultaneously; R = right frequency border )

5) If you save *.WAV files into sub directory "Feedback/Audio" or *.AVI files into sub directory "Feedback/Video", you can configure more sound and video feedback signals.

Currently (Version 1.0 and higher) the WAV files should contain short signal sounds like morse.WAV or ding.WAV ... that should have a duration of less than 1.0 sec., preferably less than 0.5 sec. and can be frequently repeated as reward sound.

You will find *.WAV files in your windows directory. But please pay attention to the windows warnings, saying e.g. that you should not modify any file that is in the windows directory.

eBioo Main Screen

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