The eBioo Neurofeedback Software can be downloaded as STARTER Version 1.85

eBioo 1.85  Neurofeedback-Software Target Group Language

eBioo is a Neurofeedback Software that is currently available in 3 Versions:

eBioo Tuner
eBioo Trainer
- 6 weeks trial version on 1 or 2 channels
- 2 channels Full Version
- 4 channels Full Version
(as Download)
(on CD)
(on CD)


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 Download the Neurofeedback STARTER Software Version

Trial Software

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The eBioo STARTER Version 1.85 is available as download.

Extensions of version 1.85:
- DVD-Player with VLC-Interface (for Win 10)
- Trend-Screen improved
- Assessment with more help-texts
- Reward-Ratio and Threshold-Evaluation with better resolution
- new Quick-Lookup Menu-Options for Report-, Screenshot- and Client-Data-Localisation

The improvements of version 1.85 are described more in details in the document Quality-Update eBioo 1.85 PDF (in English, German, French an Spanish language)

New since April 2018: The Download of version 1.85 - 75 is available as setup routine, so that the program installation is done by the setup.

1) You can download the setup_eBioo_STARTER.exe routine:

Send an order request to get the Download-Link and Download-Instructions at the eBioo STARTER Order page.

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2) You can download eBioo_STARTER.zip Software Version 1.85 as ZIP file as well:

Send an order request to get the Download-Link and Download-Instructions at the eBioo STARTER Order page.

In case that you should observe an unexpected behavior or a malfunction of the eBioo Software, you are asked to communicate this to me by mail

Alternatively you can use the Contact form to ask for a quick solution or configuration.

 Version 1.85

Since April 2018 eBioo Version 1.85 is available

Since August 2017 eBioo Version 1.83 is available

New functionalities are:

- DVD-Interface
- improved Interface to access the Brainmaster-Hardware
- various improvements in display and messages while connecting and activating hardware interfaces

Since December 2015 eBioo Version 1.75 - 00 is available

Since November 2015 eBioo Version 1.70 - 00 is available

Since July 2015 eBioo Version 1.65 is available:

New functionalities are:

- Display of both Elec.-Positions in the spectrum for Connectivity-Functions e.g.: Coherence, Asymmetry etc. ...
- independent Amplitudee-Scaling-Factors for Spektrum and Trend
- Simulation-Modus for Neurobit Devices improved i.e. re-activated

Since 2015 eBioo Version 1.60 is available:

New functionalities are:

- WAVE-files with more than 30 Sekunden duration as WAVEbext (Broadcast-Format) can be used
- Improvements in the trend chart
- Improvements of the Assessment (Trainer Version required)

Since 2014 eBioo Version 1.50 is available:

New functionalities are:

- Time- and Frequency uncertainty of filters in Hz und 0.X sec. user definable (instead of the filter order)
- improved design (skin) (using Windows 7 and higher)

- improved activation processing
- improved Alpha-/Theta-Configuration

- numerical session report
- more than 128 MIDI instruments selectable as feedback

eBioo Main Screen

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