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The company holder of Soft-dynamics offers IT-services as Freelancer and develops proprietary products for biofeedback and particular Neurofeedback trainings. He offers personal trainings for individuals and groups as well and continuously exchanges knowledge with nationally and internationally recognized professionals in that field.

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Person Education and Career

Geoffrey Arens,
Physicist, System Analyst
Aachen (D)

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The company holder is physicist with a degree from the University of Aachen, Germany.

He has more than 10 years experience as system analyst in a software and system house of an internationally active IT service provider, as trainer and coach for on-the-job training of employees and has experiences in training clients with Biofeedback since 2008.

Due to his scientific orientation and interests an emphasis was always directed towards new scientific approaches and innovative methods, in particular in the area of training methods for employee further training.

Service Offering and Self-concept

Service Offering:
  • IT-Services as Freelancer for companies (since 2010)
  • Deployment and Distribution of Training Software (since 2008)
  • Training for Individuals
  • Trainings for Groups
  • Home Training with Counselling and Supervision

Application Range:
  • see: IT-Profile for IT-Services as Freelancer (in German)
  • Health Care Provider
  • School Performance Improvements
  • Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Job-related Performance Preservation
  • Peak-Performance-Trainings for Sports and Profession


The training with individuals have a coaching character. The conduct of trainings are oriented on well and generally recognized principles and ethics of a Coaching process.

These are particularly:

  • The training is a interactive, person centered accompanying process,
  • is done with mutual acceptance and trust,
  • promotes self-perception and reflection, awareness and responsibility,
  • is an clear and observable intervention and not a manipulation,
  • improves the self-perception and self-control,
  • suggests to discover and develop solutions of their own.


  • To promote the benefits of an effective Neurofeedback training in a professional i.e. business context.
  • To offer training devices, that - in addition to the usual standard programs - include the possibility for data analysis and hence allow to develop and improve individual training strategies.
  • To offer training forms at reasonable and attractive costs for all professionals and students as well.

 What Users say about eBioo Software 

What Users say about eBioo Software:

Michael G., Germany:
I have tried the eBioo software and was really surprised how easy it is to use. All the basic trainings are easily done, including coherence, phase, peak frequency training and so on. I would recommend this software especially to beginners or people not so good with computers who want an easy to use software.
After a user has installed the software and is familiar to the menu structure and concepts of eBioo a new configuration i.e. Design can be configured in 2 or 3 minutes only and even the more experienced user might appreciate the opportunity to fine tune the design parameters for a particular client during training by the help, feedback and informations the spectrum screens give.

Dr. Dr. S., Switzerland:
The flexibility eBioo offers during training is outstanding. Fascinating for me using eBioo is, that configuring a training design with eBioo can obviously be done without visiting weekend seminars.

Ricardo, Venezuela:
We love eBioo because its ease of use, and the (GUI) graphic user interface its so friendly ... and we saw very good results with clients ...
Victor, Venezuela:
He tenido la oportunidad de ver eBioo en funcionamiento con un amigo y me parece muy versatil para hacer el Neurofeedback.

What Trainers say about eBioo Software:

D. Klein, Dipl.-Psych., Germany, PP[ ], KJP[ ], :

The software makes you want to try it! The options and settings seem to me to be solved amazingly as well as many aspects of the screen layout, e.g. the tabbed screens on the side or bottom of the window. Cool the solution of the filter adjustments and that lower and upper thresholds are adjustable independently of one another.

Memberships Text


Membership in the DGBFB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biofeedback e.V.), Berlin

Memberships in email eGroups:

  • "eeg-biofeedback" (Language: German) of Doerte Klein, Dipl.-Psych., Hannover, Germany;
  • "brainm" (Language: English) of Dr. Tom Collura, Oakwood Village / Cleveland Ohio,(OH, USA);
Coworker membership in local peer groups "eeg-biofeedback-West" (NRW)

for the purpose of Intervision or supervision and information exchange as a part of a quality management.

Education General

Master of Physics, degree from the University of Aachen, Germany.

- Neurofeedback

More than 12 years of experiences in Neurofeedback.
More than 20 years of experiences in technology oriented peak-performance training.

Education at:
Further Trainings and Conferences

- Skills

  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

  • Principles of non-directive and solution focused counseling
  • Principles of systemic group dynamic and systemic business development
  • Longtime honorary consultant activity in the psycho-social field
  • Many years of professional experience in business process analysis, system analysis and software development
  • Methods of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
  • Conduct of systemic constellations
  • Hardware developments in analog and digital technology

Law Trademarks

Soft-dynamics® and eBioo® (pronounced: [ˌebiˈ juː]) are registered trade marks of Geoffrey / Gottfried Arens

The Logo of Soft-dynamics®

is a registered trade mark / blip.


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